Imposter syndrome workshop

Almost everyone who works in the Arts has at some point experienced imposter syndrome, the feeling that you don’t deserve to be where you are, that you are not as good as the other people around you, and will soon be ‘found out’. It can manifest itself in self-doubt, a harsh inner critic, and a fear that you will never live up to expectations, which can in turn lead to anxiety, depression and self-sabotage.

Join us at 10am on Wednesday 21st June for a workshop on this very subject, where our Ambassador actor Nicholas Pinnock (Django, For Life, Marcella, Top Boy) will share his own experiences of struggling to feel like he belongs on some of the largest TV and film sets.

A Counsellor will also be present throughout to help us understand some of the reasons behind these feelings and what we can do to tackle them.

The workshop is online, will run for 1.5 hours, and is open to anyone who works in the Arts and creative industries.

There are 50 spaces available to book and tickets cost £3.50 each.

To confirm your space, please visit: