How We Help Employers

We work with organisations across the Arts and Creative Industries including theatre, film, tv, music, literature, dance, opera, fashion, museums, galleries, libraries, heritage centres, gaming, architecture, crafts, design, publishing, advertising and marketing

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

Through our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), we are able to support the mental health and wellbeing of your staff, including freelancers and casual workers, ensuring you save valuable money and resources by reducing the number of hours lost to sick leave, improving productivity, and helping to create a happier and healthier workplace.

We offer online and in person access to a diverse range of over 125 trained, BACP / UKCP registered Counsellors and Coaches, all of whom are based across the UK, and have an experience, knowledge, and understanding of the unique challenges of working in the Arts and Creative Industries.

Our service is personalised, industry specific, and 100% confidential meaning that those in need of support can speak with us about their mental health and wellbeing without having to go through their employer.

We provide around the clock support and individuals are able to speak with a Counsellor within one week, sooner in cases of emergency, and can use our service to discuss any issue, be it personal or professional.

As part of our service, your employees will also have access to over 25 mental health, wellbeing and coaching workshops, talks and events per year, as well as a plethora of online and printed resources, wellbeing and workplace assessments, and much more.

We know that finances can be tight in our industry, so we are able to tailor the support we offer to fit the needs and budget of every organisation.

Wellbeing Support

We provide ‘on the ground’ care and support to TV, film and theatre productions, art galleries, libraries, museums, heritage centres, studios, events, and festivals across the UK.

Our diverse range of wellbeing practitioners are trained mental health professionals, all of whom have a background in the Arts and Creative Industries, and are able to address any issues that arise immediately, as well as act as a pathway to helping individuals access further support, including counselling.

We are able to tailor the support we provide to meet any budget, and will prioritise creating a familiarity and connection between our team and those we are working with.


We run a wide range of bespoke, industry specific mental health and wellbeing workshops, each led by a trained Counsellor, Coach or experienced Practitioner, that cover a variety of topics including mental health awareness, financial management, building resilience, challenging unconscious bias, and improving self-care.

Our workshops can be delivered both online and in person and are tailored to meet the specific requirements and budget of every organisation.

Mental Health First Aid Training

We offer certified one and two day MHFA training courses that allow attendees to qualify as mental health champions or first aiders, equipping them with the knowledge to identify the most common mental health issues in the workplace and the skills needed to effectively guide individuals towards the appropriate support.

Our courses are delivered both online and in person by experienced instructors who have a background of working in the Arts and Creative Industries, and can tailor the content to fit the needs of every organisation. 


Our mental health and wellbeing surgeries take place in places of work or online and allow individuals the opportunity to book (or drop in for) a single session with a trained Counsellor, where they can discuss in confidence any issue they may have, be it at work or in their personal life.

These sessions are often enough for those who would like to discuss a particular issue or can act as a gentle introduction to counselling and are the beginning of a pathway to accessing longer-term support.


We provide access to a diverse range of experienced Supervisors who are able to facilitate safe team meetings where individuals can reflect on their work, share skills, knowledge and experiences, and address any ongoing concerns that effect the whole team.
These sessions are available both online and in person, and can be used to plan work, set priorities, and make group decisions, whilst also helping to reduce isolation amongst those teams who work predominantly online, and build team cohesion.

Organisations we are working with

If you would like to speak with us about how we can support the mental health and wellbeing of your organisation or production please get in touch by telephone on 0204 538 9500 or by email at