Founder & CEO

Adam Bambrough
Adam Bambrough
(He / Him)

Adam is a former award-winning West End and touring theatre actor and director, who has struggled with his own mental health for much of his life (severe depression and anxiety, as well as a recent diagnosis of autism and ADHD), which ultimately led to him leaving the profession.

He took a job running a small theatre charity in Covent Garden, London, where he met thousands of people across the country who worked in the industry and were struggling not only financially, but also had underlying, often undiagnosed, mental health issues.

Adam established Wellbeing in the Arts as a result of his own personal experiences of working in the Arts with mental health issues, the testimonies of the people he had met whilst at the charity, and his extensive research into how organisations can best support the mental health and wellbeing of their staff, including freelancers and casual workers.

Away from work, Adam is a father to three children and lives with his partner in London.