Advisory team

Addam Merali-Younger
Addam Merali-Younger
(He / Him)

Addam currently works part-time as a project manager within the mental health sector. Much of the rest of the week is spent being a trainee Counsellor, spending some of the time studying at University, and some of it on placement, seeing clients at a Bristol-based agency focused on global majority clients.

Addam is a committed and passionate campaigner for anti-oppressive practice, and equality of access to be central to all areas of counselling. He was previously employed within the creative sector, in a role that supported the mental health of practitioners, and during this time he was presented with the Public Choice Award at the inaugural Industry Minds Awards.

Catherine Kodicek
Catherine Kodicek
(She / Her)

Catherine is a highly successful freelance Costume Designer and Supervisor, who works across theatre, film and TV, and has spent much of her career fighting for greater recognition and pay for costume workers. She is the Founder and co-Chair of CiTEA (Costume in Theatre, Entertainment and the Arts), and was formerly Head of Costume at the Young Vic theatre, one of Britain’s busiest and most diverse theatres.

She has a reputation as a prominent advocate for ethical leadership, which she believes can benefit both the production team and the building. Central to her belief in ethical leadership is the principle of generosity which rests on openness, bravery and psychological safety. Making space for mental health, removing the taboo about speaking out, and ensuring that our workplaces centre the human being are at the core of her work and leadership style.

Catherine Norris
(She / Her)

Catherine has been working in theatre administration for over ten years, firstly in box office and most recently in Trusts and Foundations. She is a PhD candidate at the University of Birmingham and is interested in the lives and well-being of women, especially in their feelings within the domestic environment. 

She leads Writing for Wellbeing workshops and is a poet and experimental spoken word artist, recording for both Err Records, France and Miracle Pond Records, U.K.

Catherine is an advocate for expression through writing as a positive tool for mental health and believes in a holistic approach towards our minds and bodies, using yoga, meditation and Jungian dream work as a personal practice. 

Claire Gevaux
(She / Her)

Claire is an experienced strategist in the Arts with over 20 years’ experience of empowering artists through impactful support, skills, training and grant programmes.

She has worked with numerous organisations to help them understand their purpose and develop strategy, and was most recently Director of Programme at Help Musicians where she expanded mental health support for musicians through Music Minds Matter.

Claire was Chair of Queens Theatre Hornchurch until 2020 and Trustee of the Chelmsford Cultural Development Trust until 2022.

She is an advisor to the Arts and Culture Network, a collective of over 12,000 members and produces a weekly radio show on Phoenix FM called The Arts Programme.

Mary Caws
(She / Her)

Mary has worked in the arts for over 30 years, and has managed several producing theatres in the UK, including Theatre Royal Stratford East, Watford Palace, and The Dukes.

She is currently working with a range of companies and individuals as a coach, mentor, and consultant.

Tracy Keating
(She / Her)

Tracy is an experienced Counsellor, Clinical Supervisor and trainer, who is currently Head of Student Wellbeing at RADA, and runs her own successful private practice. She was previously a TV and theatre actor for ten years (having graduated from RADA herself) before re-training.

With a strong background in providing mental health support to Educational settings and facilitating group work, Tracy believes it is vital that employers in the industry break down the barriers of stigma and shame that exist and create an environment where mental health can be talked about and supported in a practical way, as it is only through a stable sense of self that those working in the Arts are able to weather the challenges and uncertainties of working in the industry.