Menstrual Cycle Awareness in the Creative Process workshop

We have partnered with Amy Draper, Theatre Director and Creative Coach, to launch a new workshop that will help to raise menstrual cycle awareness in the creative process.

Aimed at anyone who leads, facilitates, or is a part of a team, the 90-minute workshop will explore how to run a menstrual cycle aware process to benefit both participants and the work. It will demystify, provide language to use, and give confidence to talk about the subject.

Incorporating the fears and taboos surrounding bringing this conversation into the workplace, it will cover the inner seasons (an outline of the different monthly energies), how to harness these as a creative, and how to run a team or room with menstrual wellbeing in mind.

“I have created this workshop because I see lots of brilliant wellbeing practices in creative processes, and yet menstrual cycle awareness is rarely, if ever, incorporated. When I did so in a recent rehearsal room it was hugely well received and the benefits were obvious”, said Amy.


“having been in a room that incorporated cycle awareness I don’t think I ever want to go back to one without it…..Every rehearsal room should incorporate it”, Kirsty (she/her)

“It is a practise I have spoken about to every director I have since worked with and I would highly recommend supporting the teams you work with in this way!”, Jasmin (she/her)

“The incorporation of cycle awareness in our daily work made…the rehearsal process safer, more productive, and more focused”,
Victor (he/him)

“Amy’s inclusion of menstrual cycle awareness in our process felt so natural and obviously useful, that it had me wondering why this is not an element of every working environment” ,
Finn (he/him)

“I think it is a huge step forward”
, Bethany (she/they)

The workshop will take place at 7.30pm on Thursday 13th October 2022 via Zoom.

As a special introductory offer as we launch this new workshop, individuals will be able to join the session for a nominal fee of £5.

You can book your place HERE.

Book in advance as limited places are available.

All genders and menstruators / non-menstruators are welcome to attend.

Photo by Camilla Adams.